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Create a Scalable Business Model and Maximize Profits


Produced by XPX Tri-State CT in December 2016

The owners of HiTech, our case study company, are looking for ways to create additional value in their business in pursuit of a profitable exit. Transforming their operations will be a key driver of their ability to grow revenue, increase margins, and create a more sustainable company. By using operations as a driver of growth rather than a cost center, HiTech can make both their current business and their future roadmap more appealing to strategic and private equity buyers.

Steve Ronan will discuss how to transform HiTech's operations from a successful small business to a scalable, sustainable, and more profitable company. We will look at how to evaluate the maturity of their operations and systems, identify priorities for investment, and look at how to improve their management structure so they can successfully execute these changes. In doing so, we will see how operations can support (or hinder) other areas of focus including strategic planning and sales, and how embracing a digital mindset will allow them to both improve execution and portray HiTech as a forward-looking company with a clear niche in the modern economy.

Steve Ronan is a published expert in the theory, strategy, and execution of using modern process improvement techniques and enterprise systems to create profitable, scalable businesses. He has developed long-term strategies and run board-sponsored transformation programs for companies from the Fortune 100 to the middle-market resulting in over $100M in top-line growth and bottom-line savings. As founding partner of The Ronan Consulting Group, Steve and his teams bring the methods and frameworks of the Fortune 500 to middle-market companies in a way that reduces risk, increases adoption, and leverages the new digital ecosystem to dramatically transform how they create value. Steve is a former Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting and a graduate of Boston College.

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