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Would you buy your business?


produced by xpx new england in february 2017

People who acquire or invest in businesses have unique viewpoints of value and valuation. But there are no sounder insights than those of business owners who left and later reacquired their companies!

Please join our panel of business owners who have navigated this unusual course as they share what they’ve learned. Having gone through the sale of the same enterprise from both sides of the table what can they tell us?
As sellers what did they do well; what did they miss; and what could they have done differently to prepare and then sell their companies?

As buyers what extraordinary insights did they bring to their due diligence, negotiations, and resumption of ownership?  How did their prior ownership prepare them to be better acquirers; and better owners? 

The rare experiences they will share are lessons that we can glean from no other resource.

Moderator – Chris Bond, Murphy Business

Our Business Owner Panelists
Robert Bolton, Arden Engineering
Jim Dandeneau, Putnam Plastics Corporation
Mike Mosse, Mosse & Mosse Associates

Speaker Bios

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