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Creating a Strategic Plan to Maximize Value


Produced by XPX Connecticut in October, 2016

HiTech owners have asked two critical questions, "How do we get started (to organize and prepare for sale)? What should our priorities be?" Developing strategy long before beginning the exit process is an important step toward answering these questions, because strategy will set priorities and provide the road map for achieving success.

In this presentation Dick and Rob will explain the value of the strategy management framework and how it will help HiTech get organized. They will share strategy tools that will help HiTech assess opportunities and establish priorities. They will explain the role of a well-articulated strategy (HiTech’s story) and implementation plan and how it can help prove to potential acquirers that HiTech has the capability and capacity to execute their strategy and get results.

Dick Albu, President and Founder, Albu Consulting LLC

Rob Krist, Managing Director, Albu Consulting LLC

Click here for the Case Study.

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